Safer streets for all!

People Friendly Streets are now being implemented in Highbury.
We are a group of local residents who think this is really good news.

In recent years, traffic has significantly increased in Highbury, affecting residents' safety, health, well-being and sleep. Navigation apps have led to thousands of vehicles using Islington residential streets each day. So we welcome the Council's plan to cut through traffic in Highbury West and Highbury Fields to ensure it’s safer for children to walk, cycle or scoot to school, and for all of us to shop and work and exercise, whilst maintaining vehicle access for all.

JANUARY UPDATE: We know some erroneous messages are being circulated at the moment so we thought we'd pull together a Q&A and Facts page with accurate information and stats on LTNs backed by official sources - any questions, just let us know! And feel free to sign up here to receive other key updates:

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What residents say about traffic in Highbury

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What traffic currently looks like in Highbury

Are you a fellow Highbury resident? Send us your videos and pictures so we can add them to the website! We are building a library of videos showing the traffic in Highbury and need your help to ensure we have footage from every street in the area.

Highbury Hill - daytime

Highbury Hill - early evening

Aubert Park - mid PM

Aubert Park - early evening

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