Understanding the maps

The Islington Council has created two leaflets to explain what the Highbury West and Highbury Fields schemes mean for you.

At first glance the new low traffic neighbourhood maps can be a bit confusing, so we thought we'd help. Think of our neighbourhoods as a group of smaller zones: red, purple, blue, yellow and green in Highbury West and blue and purple in Highbury Fields. We all have access in our zones to one main road. This means that there is also access to where you live for visitors, tradespeople and of course emergency services (who can cross all the zones from any direction) in vehicles. If you walk, cycle or use a mobility vehicle you can cross between the zones as you like.

First work out which zone your street is in, then have a look at our explanations below. And if you need any help get in touch with us!

  1. Highbury West map

If you live in Highbury West:

  • If you are in the yellow, red or one of the purple zones your main road access is BlackstockRoad/Highbury Grove.

  • If you are in the blue zone your access is to Holloway Road via Drayton Park.

  • For those in the green zone your access is to Holloway Road via Hornsey Road.

In Highbury Hill, the filter is at the junction above Martineau Road meaning you turn left at the top of Martineau Road and can’t drive further up Highbury Hill towards the clock tower.

Download the Council's leaflet.

2. Highbury Fields map

If you live around Highbury Fields:

  • The purple zone is accessed via Baalbec to and from Highbury Grove.

  • The blue zone is accessed from Holloway Road via Fieldway Crescent and exited via Ronalds Road.

More specifically, you will be able to enter the blue zone from Drayton Park through Horsell Road or left off Holloway Road into Fieldway Crescent. You exit the zone through Ronald’s Road onto Holloway Road. This means that the part of Ronald’s Road, Arvon Road, Witherington Road loop becomes one-way.

Download the Council's leaflet.