Want to help?

We all have a part to play in making the Highbury Low Traffic Neighbourhood a success.

After enforcing the proposed measures in January 2021, the Council will be running an 18-month trial and another public consultation. It is essential that we make our voices heard to ensure the Highbury scheme stays in place at the end of the trial period - with a few adjustments if needed- and that we keep our streets safer and healthier for all. Here is what you can do to support.

1. Fill in the Council's surveys

The Islington Council has introduced two surveys to gather feedback on the Highbury scheme.

These surveys are designed to capture your experiences of your local area during the trial, once you will have seen how the Council's measures are changing the way your area works. You can also download an information leaflet to find out more.

Highbury West Survey

Highbury Fields Survey

2. Write to our Councillors

Loud opposing minorities can make it difficult to implement measures supported by most residents.

If you are in favour of the reduction of through traffic in Highbury, please don't stay silent and assume that your support is implicit. Feel free to use the language below or to come up with your own words of encouragement.

Dear Highbury Councillors,
As a local resident, I want to share my support for the implementation of People Friendly Streets in Highbury to make our streets and neighbourhood more enjoyable and welcoming places.
I wholeheartedly support the strategy of making it safer and easier to walk and cycle, reducing car use, eliminating deaths and serious injuries from transport, cutting carbon emissions and improving air quality. These measures will improve quality of life - and even life expectancy – for all of us.
Thank you for implementing the promises made in the 2019 Transport Strategy and for continuing to listen to the opinions of Highbury voters.

Highbury West Councillors: Councillor Theresa Debono, Councillor Roulin Khondoker

Highbury East Councillors: Councillor Osh Gantly, Councillor Sue Lukes, Councillor Caroline Russell

Executive Member for Environment and Transport: Councillor Rowena Champion

3. Sign up for updates

Please stay in touch so we can work together!

Please fill in our short survey to share your thoughts and receive updates on our activities. You can also send us pictures and videos of your street before and after the implementation of People Friendly Streets in the area. We will make sure to add your story and pictures to the website to document the positive impact of the Highbury scheme.